The Aera-Vator

With frames in 40″, 60″ and 80″ – the AERA-Vator frame works with all of our five different shafts and add on elements such as the seedbox, fescue seed sprocket, roller or broadcast small seed bar.

Features & Benefits

  • Vibrating tines loosen the soil all around and underneath each tine, fracturing the soil with 9 holes per square foot.
  • Better subsurface aeration due to total fracturing of the soil – no holes are “punched” into the surface.
  • No cores or plugs mean less post-aerification cleanup.
  • Swing-hitch allows easy turns while in use.

Aera-Vator Shafts

1st Products has five interchangeable shafts that work seamlessly with the AERA-Vator Frame. All shafts can be purchased individually and all are available in 40″, 60″ and 80″ widths. Our Seed Box works with all five shafts creating a versatile seeding tool.

Ready to Order?

To create your custom AERA-Vator, simply choose your preferred frame size and any of the available shafts or add-ons (including: seedbox, roller, broadcast small seed bar or fescue seed sprocket kit) that you may want.