Should You Use a Liquid or Dry Fertilizer Applicator? 

agriculture using dry fertilizer applicator

The agricultural landscape is filled with critical choices, each with a ripple effect on the bounty and quality of the produce harvested at the end of the season. Among the critical decisions to be made by farmers, the choice of fertilizer and its application method stand as impactful determinants of farming success. Two of the most widely used fertilization methods … Read More

How Your Farm Can Save Money on Fertilizer in 2022

Reducing fertilizer costs may be the best way for farmers to minimize costs and improve crop yields in a tricky economic environment. At 1st Products, we have a team of knowledgeable, trustworthy people dedicated to your growing success. We provide high-quality equipment that supports your farming and gardening production. Our team has a wide range of products and expertise to … Read More

FAQs: The 1st Products Liquid Fertilizer Attachments

Download Brochure The 1st Products Liquid Fertilizer Attachments are industry-leading attachments that can help you achieve precise fertilizer placement on both sides of the row. The 1st Products range includes the Planter Front Mounted Double Disc Opener for 2 x 2 fertilizer placement, the Planter Rear Mounted Fertilizer Opener for precise 2 x 2 x 2 rear placement, and the … Read More

FAQs: The 1st Products Dry Fertilizer Equipment

Our Dry Fertilizer Equipment is designed to reduce fertilizer costs by up to 33% and deliver the best results. Available in two models, you can choose whichever piece of equipment best suits your needs.  DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about our Dry Fertilizer Equipment. If you have any questions about these products that … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About the 1st Products Commercial Fertilizer Hopper

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about the Commercial Fertilizer Hopper… What is the product used for/best for? The Commercial Fertilizer Hopper bands fertilizer in the row, reducing fertilizer cost. By banding fertilizer, or “side dressing” fertilizer, you can apply the nutrients right to the plant, as opposed to broadcasting the entire field. At the same time, … Read More

How to Decrease Your Fertilizer Cost

With today’s fertilizer prices exceeding over $500/ton, it’s common for an average grower to spend upwards of $200,000/year on fertilizer — sometimes 2x that, depending on crop variety and other conditions. If you want to see savings, then it’s important to invest in quality commercial agricultural equipment. Costs: Not Much You Can Do With variable costs such as land rent, … Read More