The Importance of Regular Aeration 

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Why the Universal AERA-vator is a Game-Changer As a turf manager, whether you’re tending to a lush golf course, an athletic field, or a sprawling commercial landscape, the vitality of your turf is a testament to your expertise and care. A key component in maintaining such vitality is aeration – a process that is often underestimated but is crucial to … Read More

How to Choose the Right Aeration Equipment for Your Turf

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Maintaining a lush, vibrant turf is a goal shared by many, whether you’re managing a sports field, golf course, or backyard. An essential tool in achieving this goal is the proper aeration of your turf. Aeration entails creating perforations in the soil, facilitating the entry of air, water, and nutrients deep into the root zone. This process fosters robust growth … Read More

4 Ways Aeration Affects Your Turf Health

Compacted soil means unhealthy turf. Aeration helps fix that, as it’s designed to help with soil compaction by opening up the dirt and allowing the root system to grow deeper. Annual aeration will produce healthier, greener grass. And while you can aerate during any time of the year, the best time is during peak growing season; for many grass types, … Read More

1st Products Inc- Superior Lawn Aeration Equipment

If you are in need of new lawn care equipment for your golf course or turf grass farm, 1st Products Inc has everything you could want or need. Our aerators are designed to be durable, take a beating, be affordable, and deliver quality results each and every time. It is what has set us apart from the competition for years … Read More