Everything You Need to Know About the AE-40E: AERA-vator

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about the AE-40E: AERA-Vator… What is the product used for/best for?  The AE-40E: AERA-Vator is the perfect turf aerification equipment. It creates a healthy rooting system for natural turf, and provides better air and water infiltration to give roots the ability to grow stronger and deeper into the soil. How is … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About the 1st Products AERA-vator

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about the AERA-Vator…  What is the product used for/best for? The AERA-Vator delivers solid tine aeration, compaction relief, and seedbed prep. It fits in tight spaces and can be pulled behind any vehicle with a 12-volt power source.  How is it different from the competition? The AERA-Vator is a patented vibratory … Read More

Overseeding and Thatch Removal – 1st Products is Here to Help

Spring overseeding and thatch removal – the time is now! An important factor in overseeding is seed-to-soil contact. Whether you have killed the existing turf for a complete renovation or you are seeding into an existing, live stand, seed isn’t likely to achieve much contact with the soil without some help. You need some method of reducing thatch and opening … Read More

Fall Seeding – Making it Easier with the 1st Products Seed Box

It’s fall and that means it’s time to seed!  First Products Seed Box can make your seeding process more efficient and more accurate than you imagined.  The Seed Box allows both small and large seed varieties to be accurately metered with one feed wheel.  The Seed Box works with all five interchangeable shafts of the Universal Shaft System and creates yet another … Read More

The New AERA-Vator – UA-60T

1st Products introduces the new Universal AERA-Vator UA-60T. ?This self-contained AERA-VAtor is powered by a 27 horsepower Honda engine and is designed to maintain your school grounds, municipalities and sports complexes. ?Our new video explains in detail all of the advantages the UA-60T provides and shows the equipment in action. 1st Products UA-60T attributes include: Universal Shaft System can be … Read More

Universal Shaft System: All You Need

First Products’ revolutionary Universal Shaft System provides versatility and multi-functionality with five interchangeable shafts that address multiple turf needs – cost effectively. The frame’s swing hitch allows for easy turns, and with just a few tools, you can change shafts for a different job. Here are the Universal Frame’s interchangeable shafts – click each to read more: AERA-vator – Vibrating … Read More