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  1. I have 20 year old AERA-vator. She has been my go to piece of field equipment Ive always been able to count on. There has been times I was asked by council members why are players getting chin splints and knee injuries I would reply, not to worry this is why you hired me Ill take care of it. Right away I used natural minerals and vigorously strick fertilizer program. And of course my secret weapon the AERA-vator that no one at my new job as head groundskeeper knew of. Well within a few weeks there tune had changed. Softer more playable thicker grass surfaces. An all around win win situation. Ive gotten comments from city council members and school superintendents saying these field have never been so beautiful. Im very proud of what I do and take it very seriously and to know the athletes and children are safe and free of injuries. First Products gave me (in my opinion), one of the most important pieces of equipment for the turf industry. Id like to say thank for the AERA-vator. Bought it in 1998 and still does the job day in and day out. Thank you. . AERA-vator still as strong as ever . I would like to say thank you to Mr. Landon Maxwell for his patience and professionalism taking the time to answer all my questions. Good customer service is hard to come by these days, and they still have it! Again thank you all at First Products.

    Dann J. Daly
    Head Groundskeeper
    Barry Memorial Sports Fields

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