We know that everyone has different software and uses different versions of that software; therefore, we’ve provided you with three easy ways to add your information to our AERA-vator sales flier.

(1) PDF Version: In the PDF version, you may add your pricing/other info in the space below the three testimonials. Your company information goes in the black footer area to the right of the First Products logo/website. Note: In the PDF version, you may type in your information; however, you won’t be able to insert your company’s logo.

(2) Word Document: In this format, you can add pricing/other info to the text box below the three testimonials. You can adjust the size of the text box, change text color, text size, add a box border, etc. Company information goes in the text box in the black footer area to the right of First Products logo. If necessary, you can move text box around, adjust size, etc.
Note: Font used in flier text is Gill Sands. To add your logo in the Word document, go to Insert > Photo > then choose an image from your computer. Or you can drag/drop image into document. Once logo is inserted into document, you can adjust the size. Next, click on the image and go to Format > Picture > choose square as the wrapping style and select your alignment. After formatting picture, drag it down to the black footer area and place beside your company information. Note: If at any point the flier template shifts within the document, you can just click on it to move up/down or left/right. If you want to save the Word document as a PDF, go to File > Print > choose PDF from the print menu > Select Save As PDF.
(3) DIY: We’ve included jpg files of the template elements so you can build your own flier in Publisher, Illustrator, Word, or any other program you have. Sample layout is included. If you have any questions about using the flier templates, please feel free to contact us!

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