Orchards Fertilizer Applicator

1st Products is the leading supplier of agricultural products that enhance your yard or farm while making routine tasks simpler and more efficient. We offer top of the line products including the Orchard Fertilizer Applicator that has been specifically designed to apply granular material throughout vineyards and orchards. Fertilizer is distributed via dry fertilizer hoppers that range in capacity from 250 lbs to 500 lbs.

The Perfect Farm Row Cropping Equipment

When you need heavy duty row crop equipment to efficiently distribute granular material, you can turn to the Orchard Fertilizer Applicator. As one of the leading row crop tractors, this unit can handle any size job with ease. It is proven to be effective equipment for farm row cropping and is ideal for use whether your farm is large or small.

The Orchard Fertilizer Applicator meters granular material such as fertilizer by use of the electric drive and variable rate controller. The bar has the capability to extend up tp 12 ft rows with 1 row models also available. Other additions include the Orchard Bar, Orchard Frame Bundle, and 2-250 lb Stainless Hoppers with drive. The equipment also features a rear liquid applicator, economy fertilizer box, and double disc liquid applicators.

The Orchard Fertilizer Applicator comes with complete instructions to make use and assembly a breeze. Contact us with any questions about the Orchard Fertilizer Applicator and place your order with 1st Products today.

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