1st Products offers state of the art agricultural equipment and tools to assist you with your farming needs. The AGRI-Vator is one of the leading types of agricultural equipment that helps with renovating turf farms and sod. It allows you to relieve compaction while aerating the soil at the same time. Count on 1st Products to provide state of the art equipment at competitive prices for all of your agricultural needs.

When you choose the AGRI-Vator for sod, you can enjoy healthier sod that is fully revitalized. Using this machine is simple and straightforward and the manual we include provides all of the instruction you need. The unit is available in a wide range of different widths including 6’, 8’, and 12’ widths.

Using the AGRIVator for Turf Farms

The AGRIVator for turf farms allows you to get more air down into the roots and deep under the soil. This facilitates seed growth and helps you get the results you want for your farm. It works using a vibrating motion to loosen and break apart the soil without doing damage to the surface turf.

All of our products and equipment are built to last and feature durable construction. Our equipment is simple to operate and makes farming and agricultural tasks more manageable. Count on us to ensure your complete satisfaction with every purchase.

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