Ready to order?  To create your custom AERA-Vator, simply choose your preferred frame size and any of the available shafts or add-ons (including: seedbox, roller, broadcast small seed bar or fescue seed sprocket kit) that you may want.  If you choose to order a seedbox, please note that a roller is required for the seedbox to be operational.
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Product Description

1st Products AERA-Vator Functionality for Turf Aeration

  • Vibrating tines loosen the soil all around and underneath each tine, fracturing the soil with 9 holes per square foot.
  • Better subsurface aeration due to total fracturing of the soil – no holes are “punched” into the surface.
  • No cores or plugs mean less post-aerification cleanup.
  • Aerating dry soil reduces the expense of pre-irrigating; in fact, the harder the soil, the better the AERA-Vator performs.
  • Swing-hitch allows easy turns while in use.
  • The AERA-Vator is one of five shafts that can be fitted with the AERA-Vator Frame for additional versatility to manage all areas of turf maintenance.


Widths: 40”, 60” and 80” (available with or without Seed Box).  Seed placement can be changed from front to rear depending on application, and a ground drive allows variable ground speeds for all terrain.

Seed Box

  • NOTE:  If you are ordering a seed box, a roller is required.
  • Single pass seedbed preparation (in most conditions) while seeding.
  • Ability to overseed and primary seed with the same machine.
  • Two-in-one patented feed wheels for metering both large and small seed varieties.  This allows accurate calibration with large and small seed sizes without adding a separate small seed box.
  • All units come with a calibration catch tray to collect the seed for accurate calibration.  The catch tray is secured on the front of the seed box when not in use.
  • Accurate exposure of seed flutes are visually measured by raising the easy access wind deflector.  Micro-seed calibration adjustments are made using the adjusting screw to align flute exposure.
  • Feed wheels are spaced approximately 4” apart for uniform seed placement using 15 outlets for the UA-60 and 20 outlets for the UA-80


Other shafts that work with the AERA-Vator include:

  • Multi-Tine Shaft
  • Coring Shaft
  • AERA-Slicer Shaft
  • Multi-Spike Shaft

Any of these shafts can be added to your order on this page.  For more information and specs about each shaft OR to order any of our shafts separately, please go to the Shafts page.


The roller is used for gauging depth of your tines and it also serves as a drive for the seed box. It is required when using 60″ and 80″ seeder.

The roller can be added to your order on this page. To order the roller separate from the AERA-Vator, please go to Parts.

Fescue Seed Sprocket Kit (40” only)

Used for seeding Fescue seed. 40″ AERA-vator only.

The Fescue Seed Sprocket Kit can be added to your order on this page. To order the kit separate from the AERA-Vator, please go to Parts.

Broadcast Seedbar

When seeding small seeds such as bent or bermuda, the small seed broadcast kit drops the broadcast bar closer to the ground to prevent wind drift.

The Broadcast Seedbar can be added to your order on this page. To order the kit separate from the AERA-Vator, please go to Parts.

Download Brochure