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Product Description

1st Products Dry Fertilizer Hopper(s) allows the grower to band fertilizer in the row, reducing fertilizer cost up to 1/3.

  •  Stainless box extensions allow capacity to be increased from 500 lbs. to 1000 lbs or 1250 lbs.
  •  The box, metering auger and fasteners are stainless, and the feed wheels and shaft bearings are corrosion-resistant plastic.
  •  Two or four outlet auger provides accurate metered flows to one side or both sides of the row. Deep flighted auger delivers a much more consistent fertilizer flow versus a cast screw type auger.
  •  New low profile box is wider and easier to fill.
  •  Strong box end mount frames are on 50 inch centers an each occupies only 2 inches of tool bar.
  •  New easy fill bridge systems allows consistent no shut off filling.
  •  Stainless steel expanded metal screen removes clumps of fertilizer and foreign materials.
  •  Ground drive mounts to box frames to avoid components on tool bar. The wheel can be centered behind the box or offset 30 inches to 48 inches to the left of box centerline.
  •  Variable speed ground drive for 75 quick-rate changes. Requires NO TOOLS to adjust.


  •  Ground drive transmission has three output ranges, which can be easily adjusted from approximately 60 to 1750 lb/ac on two 36 inch rows (25 rates in each range).
  •  The ground drive is available in the two different lengths. The short arm reach places the wheel 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 feet behind the box, and the long reach places the wheel 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet behind the box.
  •  Extension kit increases capacity from 500 lbs. to 1000 lbs., or 1250 lbs. at 80 lbs. per cubic foot.
  •  Compact hydraulic drive system accommodates closed or open center systems. Dual range transmission on hydraulic drive for rates of 60 to 390 lbs. per ac or 70 to 1825 lbs. per ac on two 36 inch rows.
  • Optional electric drive available.
  •  Box connector shafts for driving boxes spaced 60 inches to 96 inches on center.
  •  Augers available for two or four hose outlets per box.
  •  Heavy duty mounting clamps for 4 inch to 7 inch square or rectangular and 3 1/2 inch to 4 inch diamond tool bars.
  •  Brackets for mounting to 15 inch or 16 inch Pittsburgh frames.

Hopper Attachments:
1 3/8″ Round Shank and Mounts

  •  Double Disc Opener (dry) 1 3/8″ Round Shank
  •  Double Disc Opener (liquid) 1 3/8″ Round Shank
  •  1 3/8″ Round Shank mount for rolling cultivator with pipe clamp
  •  1 3/8″ Round Shank mount for Pittsburgh cultivator
  •  Pittsburgh lower spout hose holder
  •  Rolling cultivator gang hose holder
  •  Rolling cultivator gang hose holders deposit fertilizer on ground for incorporation with spiders.
  •  “S” tine openers can be used to place and cover fertilizer next to the row.

1st Products Dry Fertilizer Applicators are designed to accurately meter dry granular material; blended fertilizers are produced from mixing basic primary fertilizers and other natural materials or additives to produce a desired formula. All fertilizer and additive materials are not necessarily compatible and some blends may produce undesirable effects when mixed together. These compatibility problems can include chemical reactions and physical effects which can cause handling difficulties, moisture migration, and stickiness giving rise to caking tendency. The undesirable effects of some blends may make the product unusable in dry fertilizer applicators.