VC60 Verti-Cutter

The Verti-Cutter’s patented swing-hitch allows the unit to turn during operation increasing maneuverability and the belt drive with 12” diameter blades provides a faster blade RPM (tip speed) improving quality of cut.

Features & Benefits

The faster RPM along with the turning ability increases production over wider gang units, and with 5 power belts, going deep is not a problem. Our Verti-Cutter VC-60 is very heavy duty, easy to operate, faster and competitively priced.

  • Designed for continuous heavy-duty operation on all turf applications.
  • Depth adjustments can be made in the field with no tools using a simple detent pin in 3/16” adjustments.
  • Unique swing-hitch allows easy turns around objects.
  • Quiet all-belt design means no chains to maintain.
  • Pivot points in hitch allow unit to turn and float over uneven terrain.
  • Centers automatically and locks for transporting.
  • Deep cutting with minimal turf disturbance.
  • Optional carbide tip blades.
  • Width: 60”

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