Where to Look for Turf Equipment For Sale

When you need to upgrade your turf equipment or want to add some more machines and equipment to your collection it can be confusing to know where to turn to get the best of the best. Here at 1st Products Inc we offer the best in turf equipment for sale but understand you may be interested in what you can … Read More

Turf Grass Care Tips- Consider Your Location Carefully

Aside from the obvious factor of what your high and low temperatures are, an important factor to consider when you try to choose the type of grass you need to grow is the location you are planting in. Things like drainage, rain fall, temperatures, shade and sun levels, and similar environmental factors can have a huge impact on your turf … Read More

1st Products Inc- Superior Lawn Aeration Equipment

If you are in need of new lawn care equipment for your golf course or turf grass farm, 1st Products Inc has everything you could want or need. Our aerators are designed to be durable, take a beating, be affordable, and deliver quality results each and every time. It is what has set us apart from the competition for years … Read More

How to Save Money When it Comes to Watering Turf Grass

Every golf course owner and every turf grass farmer want to have beautiful grass that is lush and green. However, turf grasses are the single biggest water wasters of today, so it is important to know how to save water while keeping your turf grass beautiful and healthy. Here at 1st Products Inc we wanted to pass along some tips … Read More

Importance of Maintaining Your Golf Course Turf Equipment

Anyone who has worked in the golf course business for any length of time knows that there are many different types of machines and pieces of equipment that are essential to keeping the course looking its best. They also know that these tools work best when they are properly maintained and cared for. However, there are other reasons that are … Read More

Why You Need the Best Golf Course Aeration Equipment For Your Course

If you own a golf course in Georgia, then you know how important it is to take care of your grass and keep it looking the best that it can. When your grass is healthy it looks good and when it looks good your customers are happy. There are many factors that affect the health of your turf grass, from … Read More

Tips For Finding the Best Turf Grass For Your Area

Where you live, along with the climate affects you experience, will have the greatest impact on what you can easily grow when it comes to turf grass varieties. There are three main divisions of turf grass that you can choose from based on your climate, which can impact the field turf maintenance equipment you will need. The three main zones … Read More

Field Maintenance Equipment is Available From 1st Products Inc

Since we first opened our doors back, 1st Products, Inc. has had a commitment to quality and excellence that far surpasses anything anyone else has to offer. That commitment continues to this day as we strive to continue offering manufactured parts and innovative turf equipment that is made with high quality standards in mind. In addition, we take customer service … Read More

Your First Choice For Turf Equipment.

First Products manufactures reliable, efficient, and cost-effective turf maintenance equipment. Our innovative designs address the issues you face every day in growing and maintaining professional-level turf for your golf course, sports field, commercial landscape project and other turf needs. From aeravation products such as our signature AERA-Vator with vibrating tines that fracture the soil to specialty equipment that target specific … Read More