Field Maintenance Equipment is Available From 1st Products Inc

Since we first opened our doors back, 1st Products, Inc. has had a commitment to quality and excellence that far surpasses anything anyone else has to offer. That commitment continues to this day as we strive to continue offering manufactured parts and innovative turf equipment that is made with high quality standards in mind. In addition, we take customer service … Read More

Your First Choice For Turf Equipment.

First Products manufactures reliable, efficient, and cost-effective turf maintenance equipment. Our innovative designs address the issues you face every day in growing and maintaining professional-level turf for your golf course, sports field, commercial landscape project and other turf needs. From aeravation products such as our signature AERA-Vator with vibrating tines that fracture the soil to specialty equipment that target specific … Read More

Overseeding and Thatch Removal – 1st Products is Here to Help

Spring overseeding and thatch removal – the time is now!  An important factor in overseeding is seed-to-soil contact. Whether you have killed the existing turf for a complete renovation or you are seeding into an existing, live stand, seed isn’t likely to achieve much contact with the soil without some help. You need some method of reducing thatch and opening … Read More

Old Man Winter vs. Mother Nature – What it Means for Spring Seeding

What a winter.  The majority of the US received a record amount of snow and extreme cold weather – especially east of the Mississippi.  We think that Old Man Winter and Mother Nature must have really gotten into it!  Unfortunately the results will be increased winter kill of lawns, sports turf fields and golf courses. Spring seeding is going to … Read More

Featured Product: AERA-Vator UA-60T

This month 1st Products is featuring our AERA-Vator UA-60T.  A must-have for sports fields and grounds and commercial landscaping needs, the UA-60T is a self-contained AERA-Vator powered by a 21 horsepower Honda engine.  The 1st Products Universal Shaft System can also be integrated into the UA-60T for added versatility. The UA-60T meets DOT regulations for highway use and easily converts … Read More

Farmers Find Savings in Fertilizer

Many costs associated with farming are out of the control of the farmer. For example, fixed cost such as insurance, equipment and rent are not something that farmers can control. The other costs that are variables like fertilizer, fuel and labor are places a grower can cut costs and save. Usually fuel and labor are not areas that can be … Read More

1st Products Team is Hitting the Road Once Again.

Our 1st Products team has confirmed their schedule for many events and trade shows all over the country that we’ll be attending December through February.  As always, the team will be meeting with dealers as well as customers and others interested in our equipment! To view our online calendar with all of the details or to schedule a demo, click here. If you are … Read More

Fall Seeding – Making it Easier with the 1st Products Seed Box

It’s fall and that means it’s time to seed!  First Products Seed Box can make your seeding process more efficient and more accurate than you imagined.  The Seed Box allows both small and large seed varieties to be accurately metered with one feed wheel.  The Seed Box works with all five interchangeable shafts of the Universal Shaft System and creates yet another … Read More

1st Products Website Changes!

We’re giving our site an overhaul!   We’re  changing our navigation to make finding equipment information much easier; and the site will now be responsive, meaning it will be easy to use on your phone and tablet.  The completed site will be ready by Monday, May 26; if you have question or issues this week, please give us a call … Read More

Row Crop Seeding with 1st Products Economy Fertilizer Box

Spring is the time for planting.  There are some simple guidelines that can help you get the most for your money. Using 1st Products Economy Fertilizer Box can drive that savings home – here are some tips when using this piece of equipment: ▪    Start with high quality seed.  Certified seed is available for most recommended crops. ▪    Apply recommended fertilizer … Read More