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Thank you for visiting the new 1st Products e-Commerce website! 1st Products is the leading provider of turf seeding equipment that is durable, reliable, and high performance. We understand that our customers have plenty of options when it comes to choosing turf equipment, which is why we strive to make that choice an easy one. Our turf equipment is cost-effective, reliable and delivers the high-quality results you need.

Whether you are searching for the best turf seeder, lawn aeration equipment, or sports field turf equipment, you have come to the right place. Our commercial turf equipment is state-of-the-art and will deliver the dependable results you can rely on. When you need to keep your turf pristine all year for your commercial property, you can trust that we offer all of the equipment you need at competitive prices.

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First Products Seed Sower Machin
First Products manufactures reliable, efficient, and cost-effective turf maintenance equipment. Our innovative designs address the issues you face every day in growing and maintaining professional-level turf for your golf course, sports field, commercial landscape project and other turf needs. From aeravation products such as our signature AERA-Vator with vibrating tines that fracture the soil to specialty equipment that target specific needs, we’ve got you covered. And, now, you can order all of our equipment and parts online! READ MORE

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Convenient Online Ordering

Our innovative and cutting-edge products can be ordered online for your convenience. Since 1980, we have been setting the standard of excellence in the turf equipment industry. Our focus on delivering the best products and our dedication to optimal results for our clients has set us apart as a leader in turf equipment. Our online shop makes it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for and place an order. Count on us for trusted turf equipment, reliable parts, and expert services!

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First Products Seed Sower

Fall Seeding – Making it Easier with the 1st Products Seed Box

It’s fall and that means it’s time to seed!  First Products Seed Box can make your seeding process more efficient and more accurate than you imagined.  The Seed Box allows both small and large seed varieties to be accurately metered with one feed wheel.  The Seed Box works with all five interchangeable shafts of the Universal Shaft System and creates yet another versatile tool that provides multiple seeding solutions.

Some highlights of the Seed Box include:

  • Single-pass seedbed preparation (in most conditions) while seeding with AERA-vator, Multi-spike and, Multi-tine shafts
  • Ability to overseed and primary seed with the same machine
  • Two-in-one patented feed wheels for metering both large and small seed varieties allowing accurate calibration with both large and small seed sizes without adding a separate small seedbox
  • All units come with calibration catch tray to collect the seed for accurate calibration.  Catch tray is secured on front of seed box when not in use.


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Contact 1st Products Inc. when you need trusted turf aeration equipment and other commercial turf equipment at competitive prices. We specialize in quality turf equipment an exceptional customer service. Give us a call for more information about our products at 1(800) 363-8780 today.