Everything You Need to Know About the AE-40E: AERA-vator

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about the AE-40E: AERA-Vator

What is the product used for/best for? 

The AE-40E: AERA-Vator is the perfect turf aerification equipment. It creates a healthy rooting system for natural turf, and provides better air and water infiltration to give roots the ability to grow stronger and deeper into the soil.

How is it different from the competition? 

With the AE-40E: AERA-vator, you can purchase one machine with optional shafts to complete various turf renovations and maintenance practices. It’s the only machine on the market that uses vibratory action to loosen the ground.

What does the maintenance and longevity look like? 

Our products are built to last! There are machines in the field that are over 20 years old. Very little maintenance is required of your AE-40E: AERA-Vator, other than wearable items such as tines and belts, which should be checked annually. If you ever need to replace any parts, we make it easy

What is the warranty?

You can count on a one-year warranty for the AERA-Vator. 

Learn More About the 1st Products AE-40E: AERA-Vator 

We’re glad to provide turf aerification equipment that really makes a difference. To learn more about the AE-40E: AERA-Vator, you can check out this video. If you’ve got any questions, contact our team and we’ll be happy to help!

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