FAQs: The 1st Products Dry Fertilizer Equipment

Our Dry Fertilizer Equipment is designed to reduce fertilizer costs by up to 33% and deliver the best results. Available in two models, you can choose whichever piece of equipment best suits your needs. 


Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about our Dry Fertilizer Equipment. If you have any questions about these products that we didn’t cover, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to answer them.

“What do your fertilizer applicators do?”

Our fertilizer applicators accurately meter dry fertilizer directly to the row where the plants can utilize the food.

“What can I mount the fertilizer applicators on?”

Our fertilizer applicator systems can be mounted on pretty much any cultivator frame or tool bar.

“What different models do you offer?”

We offer two models for you to choose from:

  1. The Economy Model FE, which is designed for small-scale farmers, food plots, and gardens. The hopper capacity is 250 lbs and can be extended to hold an additional 250 lbs with a total of 500 lbs. It comes in 2 row applicators only.
  2. The larger of the 2 models is the FA Model Hopper. The capacity is 500 lbs and can be extended to hold a total of 1250 lbs per hopper. The FA model can be configured from 2 rows, all the way up to 24 rows. 

If you’re not sure about which would best meet your needs, our team will be able to point you in the right direction. 

“What drives the applicator?”

You can choose between 3 drive types: ground (most popular), hydraulic, or electric.

Order Your Dry Fertilizer Equipment from 1st Products

Want to get the best results while using less fertilizer? Our Dry Fertilizer Equipment is the way to go. Designed to accurately meter dry granular material reducing fertilizer costs, you can band fertilizer in the row and get impressive results. 

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