FAQs: The 1st Products MULTI-drill

New equipment isn’t just another purchase — it’s an investment, which is why it’s so important to get all the information you need before making a buying decision. 

As one of our most popular pieces of equipment, we get a lot of questions about our MULTI-drill products. Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about them. If you have any questions about the MULTI-drill that we didn’t cover, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to answer them. 

“It’s cheaper than others. Does that mean it’s lower quality, too?” 

Absolutely not! From the beginning, we set out to produce a quality, yet affordable drill. You work hard — it’s what you deserve. There are two things that help us do it:

  1. It’s sold direct, which saves on cost.
  2. It’s USA-made, which saves on shipping and overall costs.

“What’s the difference between this drill and others on the market?”

It’s obviously more affordable because it’s sold direct and made in the USA. It also has the ability to plant well in both no-till and conventional tillage applications. By adding gauge wheels to the drill, it will keep a consistent planting depth in conventional tillage when in soft ground. 

Our drills don’t have any ground engaging drive systems, either, which are favorable to hanging up in heavy, no-till applications or dragging in soft ground. 

“How do I know what size drill is best for me?”

Once we know how big your tractor is, we can help you narrow it down pretty quick. If you know how much property or land you’re going over or planting (like a small food plot for wildlife or large pastures for grazing), that’ll make it even easier to decide on the best drill to get. 


This is the drill you want if you don’t have a tractor at all. It’s great if you have smaller acreage or lease smaller land to hunt. This is the smallest and most compact drill we have, which of course makes it the smallest investment price-wise, too. 


This is the smallest of the 3 points, so it has to be pulled by a tractor with at least 45+ horsepower. It’s ideal when you have a tractor and decent-sized food plot, but it’s also a great compact unit for smaller acreages, and tight or small food plots.


Now you’re getting into a drill made for larger acreage, like pastures for grazing. For this drill, you need a larger tractor that’s 50+ horsepower. This drill is still great for food plots, too.


This is the largest of the ND series, and you need 90+ horsepower to pull it. It’s made for agricultural use and covers a lot of land. If you’re a production farmer who needs to plant cover crops, it’s perfect because it keeps large pastures planted for grazing. 

“Why should I buy your drill?”

If you want a better quality drill at a more affordable price, your satisfaction guaranteed, and the best customer service around, then you should buy a MULTI-drill from us. 

Order Your MULTI-drill from 1st Products

We’re really proud to offer a quality drill that’s manufactured right here in America. Bringing a quality, yet affordable drill to the market was a challenge, but we’ve done it and have already seen success from our customers using it in their fields. While the MULTI-drill might seem too good to be true, it’s not — this series is built to last and will exceed your expectations. 

Call or email us today for a free quote on any model of our ND Series MULTI-drill. 

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