FAQs: The 1st Products VERTI-cutter

The 1st Products VERTI-cutter has dominated the golf and sports field industry for years because of its durable construction, continuous reliability, and fast operating speeds. Its patented swing hitch allows for easy turns and increased maneuverability, and the blades allow for deep cutting with minimal turf disturbance. 


Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the VERTI-cutter. If you have any questions about the VERTI-cutter that we didn’t cover, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to answer them.

“What is verticutting?”

Verticutting is the process of removing dead thatch and grass in turf grass. The thatch layer prevents water and nutrients from reaching the roots of the turf. Over time, the thatch layer can worsen by not removing; that’s why verticutting is needed regularly. 

“I have a lot of turf grass. How fast can I verticut?”

Depending on conditions, with the VC60, you can verticut up to three acres per hour; with the VC40, you can verticut up to two acres per hour.

“How deep can I verticut with the VC60 and VC40?”

Approximately 3/16” to 2” deep.

“How well does the VERTI-cutter follow contours and curves?”

With the Double Roller System, the VC40 and VC60 follow undulations and contours easily. The patented swing hitch allows the operator to follow curves and turn without picking the unit out of the ground.

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The VERTI-cutter is heavy-duty and easy-to-operate, making it the perfect machine to use for professional-looking turf. If you want a piece of equipment that raises the bar in verticutting, you want the 1st Products VERTI-cutter. Whichever model you choose, you can expect it to be fast, effective, and competitively priced. 


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