Turf Grass Care Tips- Consider Your Location Carefully

Aside from the obvious factor of what your high and low temperatures are, an important factor to consider when you try to choose the type of grass you need to grow is the location you are planting in. Things like drainage, rain fall, temperatures, shade and sun levels, and similar environmental factors can have a huge impact on your turf grass. Choosing the wrong grass for an area can result in a lot of time and money and energy being spent on trying to maintain that grass and keep it looking its best. Here at 1st Products Inc we have helped many businesses find the right grass for their needs. These are the three most common location types that we encounter on a regular bases in the area:

Low-Access Areas: These are areas that are not easily accessed and will often not get a lot of TLC. The grass for these areas needs to be hardy and able to handle little to no fertilizing, mowing or care. Buffalo grass is a hardy grass variety that can work in these areas and is a popular choice. Fine-leaf fescues are also a very hardy yet fairly attractive variety of turf grasses that is grown on turf farms today.

Shaded Sites:Shady areas are always tough on turf grass because they rely on the sun to keep the green and beautiful. Thankfully, there are some varieties which can tolerate more shade than other varieties. Fine-leaf fescues are the most shad tolerant grass type. For warmer climates the tried and true St. Augustine grass is the choice for many turf grass applications today.

High-Traffic Sites:These are areas such as sports fields that get a lot of foot traffic and wear and tear. A single variety of grass can be grown here but will likely need a great deal of care and maintenance to keep it looking good. In many cases, a blend of several grass varieties is used. Some varieties of Bermuda grass and centipede grass do well for sports field turf maintenance.

When you need help with your turf grass care and maintenance plans we are here to help. Contact 1st Products Inc today and see for yourself why we are the name more people trust for all things related to grass care and maintenance. Visit us online, call us up, or come by and see us in person. You will be glad you did!

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