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I first found the AERA-vator about 8 years ago. It has totally change the way I prep and seed yards. I can prep and seed in one pass. No more needing to make two passes with the Seeder in different directions. The AERA-vator does everything in one pass. I started off with the Tractor one and then found a stand on unit. I use the tractor one for the big areas in the stand on one for the small areas. I will never go back to any other seeder. Thanks for making an amazing product and there customer service is awesome. Thank you for a quality product
Keenan F.
In years past we would use a standard core aerator to do our annual fall Fescue over seedings. As always in our Georgia red clay we would get a good stand of Fescue in the bottom of every core we pulled. There was always a poor to fair stand between the cores. I always thought there has to be a better way to do Fescue seedings. I came across the Walk Behind Aera-vator from 1st Products and thought this machine with its drop seeder might be what I have been looking for. Then I saw the multi-tine head on one of their larger machines. With the multi-tine head on the Walk Behind Aera-vator that should make for a excellent over seeder. We tried out the Walk Behind Multi-tine shaft vibrating head on some of our Fescue seedings and there was no comparison to the standard core aeration method of over seeding. With one pass the seed drops onto the Multi-tines head working the seed evenly into the soil. You also do not have to worry about seed getting into flower beds with the drop seeder. The Multi-tine Walk Behind Aera-vator has elevated our Fescue seeding to a whole new superior level. We will never go back to using a core-aerator for over seeding Fescue Lawns.
Mike Hall Owner | Green Scapes Shrub and Turf
Gibson Lawncare LLC has been in business for 12 years serving York County SC and surrounding area. A large part of our business is installing fescue and bermuda seed in residential lawns. Most of which do not have irrigation and are dependent on rain. We purchased our first 40 inch aera-vator 2 years ago for the front of our dingo. It immediately expanded our capabilities to open up hard compacted soil in our area allowing us to get grass seed planted in soil that had always been too hard to aerate. It also gave us the opportunity to work on non irrigated lawns without having to wait for rain to be able to core aerate. With the increase in productivity and revenue we were able to purchase our second 40 inch aera-vator last summer for our other dingo. This past winter we purchased the UA 60 aera-vator for our tractor. We are excited to start this growing season with the capability to handle all sizes of lawns with the 3 aera-vators. The quality and dependability of these machines have been very good. With doing our normal preventive maintenance we have had no issues. First products have been great to answer any questions we have and offer advice and support. Our only regret is we wish we would have bought one earlier in the start of our business.
Tully Gibson Owner | Gibson Lawn Care LLC
The first time I saw a AERA-vator in use was in the late 80's. We used it on a path that the park district was using to drive semi's over for 3 years. Three weeks later the path was grassed over. It is a wonderful tool. Thanks.
Tom F. | Hinsdale Central High School


We got a major storm with substantial flooding this Fourth of July. A very thick layer of silt and clay particles were deposited on four of our front nine fairways. The AGRI-vator was instrumental in breaking up the silt layer and opening up the soil in order for the undesired particles to be pushed below the root zone. Without the AGRI-vator, we would be dealing with a silt layer that would not allow water to percolate to the root zone and very muddy fairways.
Tyler Broderick Asst. Superintendent | The Duke at Rancho El Dorado
At Rainey Sod Farm we have been using the Agri-vator from First Products for years. We feel that by using this piece of equipment we are getting many benefits. Anyone that is involved with farming knows that over time the ground becomes compacted, when we use the Agri-vator it allows us to make the ground less compacted. This then allows the root system on our sod to grow back at a quicker rate. Therefore, quicker regrowth means more production and profit.
David Rainey | Rainey Sod Farm
We use the Agri-Vator for a few different things on the farm and have been pleased so far with everything.

AGRI-Vator is used after a bermuda harvest for the wet spots where the dirt has hardened and where we run irrigation all year round the dirt tends to get hard. I have noticed great improvements since using this machine on soil absorption of water. It use to sit on top but this machine has softened the soil and overall improved the growth. Our runners are now able to pin down for the grass growth making the harvest times quicker. It also flattens the ribbons behind the harvester.

The Agri-vator machine has helped with fertilization by running the machine after spreading fertilizer which has greatly helped the fertilizer lock into the soil instead of sitting on top of the ground improving overall growth of the sod.

The durability of the machine is remarkable. We have used it over a 400 acres span with no issues. Great acreage on the tines with no wear noticed until approx 300-350 acres. Replacing the tines was a quick and easy project. Ordering process was simple with outstanding customer service and fast shipping. I would highly recommend the AGRI-Vator to others.
Justin Lewis
We should've purchased one years ago but always found an excuse not to. Since implementing our new AGRI-vator we've seen clear evidence of faster re-establishment of Bermuda and Zoyias. This benefit isn't up for debate. Our fields are measurably quicker to grow back in.

We've even begun using it to seedbed prep for Centipede seeding. Our fields have intermittent areas of clay galls that respond well to the AGRI-vator. It loosens any compacted soils including these hard, impenetrable clay conditions. We believe in the AGRI-vator's ability introduce air, water and nutrients into the rootzone. With respect to increased air, the rootzone will warm faster in the Spring. Nutrients and water are much more likely to remain w/ the rootzone too.

Prospective customers should buy the AGRI-vator and use it. The tines will wear but that's to be expected. This means compaction is being eliminated. i wish we had a 12' model. And I especially wish we had bought a machine years ago.
Chris McIntyre | Sod Producer at McIntyre Turf
We purchased our VC 60 in 2005 and it has been one of the most dependable and valuable units on the course ever since. We like the way it flexes and turns so that you can go up and down our “mogully” terrain and allows us to make tight turns without stopping, verticutting the whole way. Our tractor is about 35 hp and handles the verticutter easily. We use it for thatching, smoothing, and before overseeding, fertilizing, and topdressing of fairways. Our fairways look marvelous and we get comments daily. The unit has been basically trouble free except for the occasional “finger” as we call them coming off in too soft ground. That has been solved marvelously with the newly designed shoes, allowing us to cross bumps, dips and soft dirt without scalping turf and the new shoes are super tough and never break. The only thing we need now is a new set of blades after 5 years, and we’d like to try your new carbide tipped units because with the new skid shoes we expect to be using the verticutter more than ever. Thanks for the great product.
Roger Evans Owner/General Manager | North Star Gold Club, Fairbanks, Alaska
After taking my time over the 2021-22 winter comparing other NT drills to the First Product, I decided to purchase the 6' three point drill, in March, and Landon worked with me very quickly and in a timely manner. I was very fortunate to have many emails and phone calls back and forth with Landon about the purchase and it was literally the easiest purchase I have ever encountered. And the shipping was even easier!

Comparing First Product to its competitors, its no doubt built to last longer and simpler to use. At first its a little overwhelming looking at it, but after reading the brief but very informational manual, it took less than ten minutes to setup and calibrate. I was amazed at how well built this machine is and yet so simple it is to calibrate, change slides, and clean. It is also much less expensive than the most common competitors machines ( A neighbor down the road purchased the competitor and regrets not buying a First product after seeing mine, he also paid significantly more for the competitor).

There is no mention of corn being used in this drill, and part of my needs for this drill included drilling corn. I built some spacers so I would have 27" rows and I was blown away at how well my corn stands came out, throughout this horrendous drought we had in the 2022 year. Population is perfect, spacing is perfect and the corn looks great. After a lot of tweaking I even drilled sweet corn which turned out well!

I had one issue with the drill, after my compact John Deere 4044 overheated, blew a fuse on the drill, which in turn, locked up the actuator and blew that also. This all occurred on July 4th and so I reached out to the team. They immediately responded back to me ON JULY 4th! After thanking them for calling me on a holiday, they rushed in July 5th and sent the parts out to me, so I was back up and running before the weekend.

To put things in short:
  • Best and easiest purchase in my life for a machine.
  • Built to last and electronic agitator out competes the competitions wheel driven components!
  • More consistent seed rate (because of the actuator/agitator) on our rough gravel ground.
  • Easy calibration, and will drill any seed including mixed blends.
  • Customer service is outstanding!
I highly recommend this machine, and if anyone locally wants to see to compare, contact me as I would love to give First Products more business!

Thanks for this product and I hope to see this company flourish in the future!
Tom Stein, Rochester, NY
The customer service I have received when making this purchase was beyond any initial expectation I had. It takes a lot to convince a farmer/rancher to purchase equipment from others that he has never even met. The direct communication and delivery processes were easy.. I received the drill in the early spring, immediately getting Bermuda seed down. I figured small seed is the ultimate test for metering accuracy and the drill proved itself. The two fields I drilled show uniform coverage and solids stands, the metering was spot on at the end of each field. Overall I’m pleased with the drill and look forward to many years of service.
Jared Mizell
Just finished planting 25 acres of food plots with the multidrill. We have drilled conventionally for the past 15 years. The cost and time savings of using the multidrill is a game changer! Thanks for a great product.
Robert Rodelsperger DMD
I purchased the ND-96, 8ft. Multi-Drill from 1st Products in Spring of 2021. I recently finished planting my second season of food plots with the unit last month. With never having used a no till unit before, I had many questions for Landon before making such an expensive purchase. He was very knowledgeable of the unit as a whole & very patient with me as a new customer. We ended up going with this unit due to his knowledge of the machine, 1st Products history within the turf industry and lastly the attractive price point in comparison to other units on the market.

In my first season of use, I was able to plant 22+acres of wildlife spring plots, on 1 tank of diesel, with very good precision as far as seed calibration, but, due strictly to user error, the seed was planted a bit too deep, so only about ½ of my mix germinated with any vigor. Having botched the first seasons planting with my new bad ass farming tool, I really paid attention to depth on round 2.

This falls crops were planted 4 days AFTER a 1/2" rain & germinated in a weeks time with perfect little rows that are very nicely spaced. To add to the precision of this machine, my most recent planting was a 15 way mix that included multiple varieties of cereals, brassicas, clovers & beans all mixed together in the large seed box, with no noticeable change in the mixture of germinated product. Meaning there was no noticeable "settling" of the heavier seed within the seed box. The construction of the unit is very solid and attractive w/ no mechanical problems to speak of apart from the included adjustment wrench fell off within the first few passes due to a failed weld, but honestly we just keep it in the tractor with the rest of our tools.

After 2 seasons and 50+acres of wild life food plots in the ground, I would 100% purchase this product again & recommend anyone in the market to give them a hard look before going with another No-Till Planter. IF I could change any one thing about this machine, I do wish the row spacing was tighter, so that my fall food plots would have more ground cover during the hunting months of October-January. A couple of items/attachments that I would like to see in the future would be a roller crimper attachment as well as an in furrow liquid fertilization applicator for true one pass planting capabilities.
Caleb M. | Mesquite Pit | Weatherford, TX
Dear 1st Products Team, Just a quick note to let you know... YOU ROCK! I took delivery of my ND-72 in late summer 2021. I am thrilled with my purchase! Your drill is built like a TANK! Everything about the machine is top quality. Heavy duty construction, attention to detail craftsmanship, and industrial quality components come together beautifully. Very easy to operate and Made in USA at your place in GA is a huge plus. Sales and Customer Service were perfect through the entire process even with the COVID challenge. And all of this at a very very competitive price. You provide a better machine and at an even better price! Great job! Thank you from this very happy customer.
Keith B.
The paint and workmanship is A1, Excellent welds, high quality materials were used for the construction, Very well designed and heavy duty equals a rugged machine. Paint quality and application is excellent. Easy to use with great instructions for set up and use, Seed placement is precise. The double disc openers combined with the heavy duty single disc on the front penetrates even the toughest soils and ground cover with ease. VERY competitively priced, along with made in USA quality makes 1st Products the best buy for small plots planters .
Murray Becker
Landon Maxwell our salesman was very cooperative. We discussed the price on the no-till drills. After deciding on the size we needed he then worked with me concerning delivery. He delivered the drill nearly 700 miles, helped me hook it up to my tractor and made adjustments. He did not leave until he had explained the way it works and the necessary care for the machine. I have planted ryegrass and fescue this passed year and have been very satisfied with quality of the machine. Planning on inter seeding alfalfa in established bermudagrass this fall.
Rickey Goff

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