The Universal AERA-vator

Better Turf & Healthier Soil. With frame widths in 40", 60" and 80" - the Universal AERA-vator frame works with all six of our different shafts and add on accessories such as the seedbox and rollers.
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Commercial Turf Aerators for Any Need.

With the Universal design, our innovative equipment addresses issues you face everyday in growing and maintaining professional- level turf for your golf course, sports field, commercial landscapes and all other turf needs. Choose from three different frame widths, six different shafts and a variety of add on elements to create your perfect piece of equipment.

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Operator's Manual & Parts List - UA60 SN# 3245-3308, UA80 SN# 1620-1636
Operator's Manual & Parts List - UA60 SN# 3309-____, UA80 SN# 1637-____

Get started by selecting your frame width.

UA40 AERA-vator3-point 40" Frame
UA60 AERA-vator3-point 60" Frame
UA80 AERA-vator 3-point 80" Frame
  • UA80 AERA-vator
  • UA60 AERA-vator
  • UA40 AERA-vator

DO40 AERA-vator Mini Skid Steer

Our 1st Products DO-40: AERA-vator is a versatile soil aerator attachment for your mini-skid steer /compact utility loader and is the perfect tool for construction and renovation projects. The DO-40 side to side tine movement levels heavy traffic areas and prepares a great seedbed with less prep work. With the optional seeder, seed placement is broadcast on top of the rotors allowing seeding in both forward and reverse, reducing turnaround time.

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Universal AERA-vator 60T

The UA60T AERA-vator is a self-contained, towable 60” AERA-vator that trails easily behind any UTV or commercial grade mower. Its features are desirable for any school, municipality or sports complex. The self-contained aerator is powered by a 23hp engine and operated by a remote lanyard. The Universal Shaft System is integrated into the UA60T for added versatility.

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Groundmaster® 360: AERA-vator

The Groundmaster® 360 works with four of the 1st Products 60” shafts (AERA-vator 60” Shaft, Slicer 60” Shaft, Multi-tine 60” Shaft , Coring 60” Shaft) enhancing and complimenting the versatility of the GM®360. Order below or click here for more information about the Groundmaster commercial aerator.

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AE40E AERA-vator Tow Behind

If you have tight spaces that need maintaining, the AE-40E: AERA-vator is the turf aerator for you. As a tow-behind used in conjunction with small mowers or other vehicles, its versatility is unmatched.

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