AE40E AERA-vator Tow Behind

If you have tight spaces that need maintaining, the AE-40E: AERA-Vator is the machine for you. As a tow-behind used in conjunction with small mowers or other vehicles, its versatility is unmatched. Order below or read more.

Product Description

AE-40E: AERA-Vator Full Description:

1st Products AE-40E: AERA-Vator Attributes:

  • Use for aerating and prepping seedbeds.
  • Grooming rake & brush attachment available.
  • Powered by an 11 H.P. Honda engine.
  • Rear roller for easy transport.
  • Aerates up to 3-3/4” deep.
  • Pull with any vehicle with a 12v power source.
  • Solid vibrating tines loosen the soil.